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Pan International
Manufacturing Facilities
PAN International is an IATF 16949:2016 certified company specializing in manufacturing & export of precision machined components, primarily for North American & European Businesses.
At PAN International, thrust has always been given to produce the best possible quality at an optimum cost. As a storehouse of technology in its physical form, PAN International has always been the heart of PAN Group of Industries. PAN International has installed state of the art, modern machine tools such as high precision CNC turning centers, twin spindle CNC turning centers, vertical & horizontal machining centers, CNC drill tap center and various other special purpose machines. The inspection room is equipped with CNC CMM (Aberlink), Contour Measuring Station (Zeiss), Profile Projector with D.R.O. (Starret), Electronic Height Gauge (Trimos), Surface Roughness Tester (MITUTOYO) & other standard as well as custom made gauges & measuring instruments. The staff and workmen possess a high level of knowledge and skills in machining intricate products with close tolerances.
Manufactureing Facilities
Manufactureing Facilities
Manufactureing Facilities
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