Products Categories

Pan exports various oil & gas components and assemblies to numerous reputed organizations. Some of the components manufactured and supplied are:

  • Hammer Union Assemblies
  • Hammer Union Nuts
  • Hammer Union Male & Female Subs
  • Body Caps
  • Blanking Caps
  • Slip Rings
  • Various Adapters
  • Retainer Segments
  • Various Fittings
  • Frac Pump Valve Seats
  • Frac Pump Valves
  • Frack Pump Valve Stops
  • Cover Retainers
  • Cover Assemblies
  • Adjusting Nuts
  • Discharge Blinds
  • Discharge Connections
  • Gauge Fitting Retainers
  • Gauge Fittings

Pan manufactures automotive components for some of the biggest automobile manufacturers in the world since 1991. Some of the components include:

  • Electromagnetic Clutch Pullies
  • Brake Slack Adjusters
  • Clevises used in brake assemblies
  • Bolts used in brake assemblies
  • Seat assembly components
  • Electromagnetic Clutch Housings
  • Various Types of Flanges
  • Various Power Train Rings
  • Synchro Rings
  • Mass Rings
  • Bearing Races
  • Various Spindles
  • Turbo Flanges

Pan also manufactures several mining component used in some of the world’s largest earth moving equipment. These parts weigh up to 80 kg and are precision machined and case hardened.